Ensure Safe, Debris-free Roads

Construction companies and city crews have a huge undertaking in the heavy-duty construction industry. While building roads and highways, they are responsible for complying with federal and state regulations. This requires performing road construction cleanup and road milling to ensure infrastructure safety. Discover how Clean Sweep, Inc. provides milling sweeping services and road construction cleanup throughout Georgia and Tennessee.

Road Construction Cleanup and Milling Sweeping Services

As a street sweeping company, Clean Sweep, Inc. provides assistance at various stages in road building:

  • State-of-the-art fleet of sweeping trucks and experienced crew get the job done on-time and within budget
  • Safe debris removal of waste including hazardous materials, large chunks of asphalt and milling dust
  • Use of safety equipment including flags, barriers, and signage for sweeper while in service
  • Informed of regulatory compliance and code enforcement requirements
  • Ensure safe, debris-free roads that quickly clear inspection

Our road construction cleanup and milling sweeping service is available in the following cities:

Contact the Clean Sweep, Inc. pros to get started with our road construction cleanup and milling sweeping services today.

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